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Dear Parents,


We have decided to move the 8th grade recognition to the High School Competition Gym for the May 18th celebration.  The event will still begin at 7:00 p.m.  


We are excited that you all are planning on attending and we do not want to exclude anybody that wants to be there.  We were wanting to show-off and showcase the new High School Auditorium but we do not have the seating capacity to have this event there.  


If you need special seating (i.e. handicapped seating) please let Mrs.  Robin Jones or Mrs. Jamie Oster know.  Call the school at (903) 841-7600.


Thank you,


Mr. Bradshaw


Please let us know if you are interested in ordering a t-shirt to support the 8th grade recognition party!

!!Attention Parents!! 

There will be NO Checkouts after 3:00 on school days!! Starting 11/30/2020.

There is no outside food and drinks allowed at  school. Students can bring lunches made at home but cannot bring from restaurants, fast food or gas stations. Thank you 


Parents If you are coming to pick up your child early or dropping something off please call and we will meet you at the door. We are not allowing any visitors on campus at this time. Thank you!