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7th Grade Elective Course Caralogue

Posted Date: 04/02/2024

7th Grade Elective Course Caralogue

BJHS Elective Course Descriptions 24-25

Skyward Course Selection Instructions 24-25

BJHS Elective Course Descriptions for Incoming 7th grade students:


Investigating Careers (7th grade) required*

This class will explore the 16 Career Clusters. It will overview jobs in a multitude of career paths. We will also identify characteristics and skills that make a good employee and learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.


*You will not see this listed as an option in Skyward, it is scheduled for all 7th graders and paired with Technology Applications I (learning to use basic computer applications).


Boys Athletics 7/8

Athletes are expected to participate in football or cross country in the fall. Athletes will dress out daily and participate in all activities that are part of the athletic program. In order to participate the athletics department must have a current physical on file.


7th Grade Girls Athletics

Foundation for all of the Gilmer girls athletic programs. Beginner skills and fundamentals in volleyball, basketball, and track/cross country. Tryouts are held for each sport. Competitive and strenuous workouts that are both mentally and physically demanding every day. Athletic physical required prior to participation.



Physical Education. No team sports or athletic physical exam required. Students are expected to participate in activities daily. The TEC §28.002(l) requires students enrolled in grade levels six, seven, and eight to participate in moderate or vigorous daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes for at least four semesters during those grade levels as part of the district's physical education curriculum.



Students in 7th and 8th grade art will receive art experiences in watercolor, tempera, acrylic, map pencil, marker, pencil, and multi-media materials. Students will also do projects in the style of art from other countries.



The Gilmer JH Band Program is a year-long course that is for students to participate on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Students must have been in a 6th grade band and show some basic ability on their instrument to join the JH Band in Gilmer. The JH Band has a long history of success and continues to compete at UIL and TMEA competitions, where students can earn individual and group awards. The band also performs two concerts a year and numerous other public performances.  Instruments are provided by Gilmer ISD. Limited after school practices and performances are required for participation in the JH Band. The band directors encourage students to explore other electives in addition to band and work diligently with the coaches to avoid conflicts. The JH Band also offers travel opportunities to students who fulfill their yearlong obligation to the group.



Construction Trades is an introduction to the basic skills involved in construction. Students will learn essential skills, such as construction math, measuring, and design. Students will be taught the use of basic hand tools such as hammers, saws, wrenches, and measuring tools. They will also use power tools such as the miter saw and drill press. Other topics covered will include shop safety and cleaning procedures. Students will use wood to build simple projects.



In health education, students will use the ESTEEM curriculum to learn life skills to: aid in setting goals, understand healthy eating habits and exercise routines, help them assess modern-day media influences, increase understanding and awareness of the risks and consequences of sexual activity such as teen pregnancy and disease, strengthen communication skills, and understand risky situations to increase their awareness of hazardous distractions to help them achieve their potential as positive, productive members of society.


Money Matters

Students will learn basic financial literacy concepts such as calculating percentage discounts, calculating percentage premiums, check writing instructions, and how to read stock charts.



Introduction to theatrical acting and production. Students will gain experience acting in scenes, reading plays, writing their own scripts, directing class scenes, and observing theatre.