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Felisha Wilson

5/29/20- I have attached two websites concerning meals for the summer.  Please go to these websites to see how to apply for the meal program.  This is the information that is on the district website.  I just copied and pasted the links to my page.  You will get a letter in the mail next week about this program.  If your family speaks Spanish, the instructions will also be in Spanish.  Have a great day.  Please visit the websites.



5/29/20- The end of the first official week of summer vacation….

Good morning students!  I have missed you all.  I hope that you are having an amazing summer break.   I wanted to update you on a few things.  We do not have your TELPAS test scores yet.  I just looked at the data, and it has not updated.  I had heard that the scores would not be in until July, but I look for them just in case we get them early.  I have also asked about summer meals at school.  I know that they will be offered again beginning next week.  You can go to the elementary between 11:30-1:30 to pick them up.  Have a WONDERFUL weekend.  Enjoy your family.  I will see you all in August.  :)




























Felisha Wilson

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